Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It gets better

My bus ride is a lucky one. As I try to buy bread in a restaurant during the lunch break (buses stop for lunch breaks), a girl decides to invite me for the whole meal. But we are late, the bus is leaving already so we are running away accross the place to put the food into bags and jump in the bus. It's funny to her, I am her adventure of the day.
As many chinese already told me, she admires my courage and would like to travel very much but she has a family and work. Chinese people do work a lot. She is fascinated by the whole trip, she is genuinly interested and she even talks english a bit but my tablet (with the translation program) remains the main source of communication.
My battery is depleted and I really need it to find my contact in Beijing so I need to use my tablet for maps. Datong is quite cold and Beijing should be only slightly warmer, I don't want to camp there. I recharge it at some shop a little bit and start hitchhiking towards the capital. I get a ride just before dark, it's a lucky one because all the other cars are going to Taiyuan. What so special about this city anyway, it annoys me, I hate it!
Some guy is going to the airport and he drops me in on one of the ring roads. My tablet has just enough battery to get me to Cui Le's friend. I am a mess. I don't know what to expect, I don't know if this guy will have some understanding for my travelling and the stuff that I've been through or just think that I am a rich tourist who came here by plane and sleeps in hotels. I just know that he speaks english and that alone is a big win.
Turns out I ended up in the sweetest community ever.
Chao Su goes to find me with his bike, he insists on taking my bag and we go to his appartment. 6 people live there, with me, it makes seven. Three more girls and three more guys. They're wonderful, they understand everything. I get a couch and they cook me dinner. I am in an oasis of humanity in the desert of China.
I am saved... and yeah I have a pink blanket