Monday, February 17, 2014

The craigslist ad

Once upon a time there was a craigslist ad. It didn't feel to be the usual craigslist ad, in fact it didn't fit any category. It wasn't a dating ad nor was it a job proposition or offer.
So it decided to live in the community section because it kind of liked things involving people. He felt colorful, with lots text of pictures.
But it was a bold and pretientious ad. It was only born today, in a korean appartment inhabited by a british-european couple and it already had dreams and expectations beyond the borders of it's home country.

The craigslist ad, hopeful and naive
Born into a family with a single dad, it had every chance to be a little weird, a little fucked up even, to be fair. The most likely mother would be a Czech girl from the moravian city of Brno. She ran away to europe with her british-armenian boyfriend before the poor ad even got to know her.
It's father wasn't of a much better breed.
As soon as it was born, the very next day to be precise, dad forgot about his only ad and left hiking along the coast of the island, following the olle trail. Effing irresponsible asshole.

Born into a dysfunctional family, abandonned since early childhood in an envirenment unfit to its kind with dreams beyond realisation, the ad was meant to die of solitude.
For days and days, nobody took interest in it no matter how much he tried to stand out. The ad felt sad and lonely.
Until one day, a message came:
The ad was so happy to matter to someone!
B., a university teacher took looked at it. He trusted it, he didn't think it was a scam or some kind of unfunny joke. A very kind person indeed, thought the ad.
The ad felt alive again against all odds, it felt like it had a purpose, a sense in this world. It was cool and useful and his father, travelling at the time looked at him again. He was sleeping in a tent which happened to have internet and looked at what his ad had brought him with astonishment.
"Damn, this ad wasn't as useless as I thought," he said to himself.

Unfortunately the ad quickly understood that his asshole dad doesn't care about it, as soon as the excitement passes, his attention shifts to this B. guy who is helping him to get a plane to Japan. He finds out his real email address, they exchange phone numbers.
On March 1, in the evening, Dad recieves his plane ticket from B.! He is happy living one of those unrealistic moments. But the ad is sad. His father was a careless git but at least he was nearby.
On March 25th, Dad will fly away to Japan forgetting about his Seoul-based ad who has served its purpose.
One day, when it is old enough, the ad will just be automatically erased by the craigslist deamon from hell.
But for a moment there, it had a bright life.

Moral of the story: life is wonderful but it sucks to be an ad.

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