Saturday, August 17, 2013


Azerbaidjan, to tupyj narod jest. Tough guy with bandana, Sevan lake, Armenia.
Give me your money, Ara! Rainbow
Ice cream!, signifies someone's an asshole, Nagorno Karabakh
It's okay, it's ok!, Jay, rainbow quote
No pushing, no pulling. Jay
Zajec! Chto djelat?! Moj padrug zeni se!, Nata, Georgia
Don't think about it, just do it!, Gazelle
Most people don't die. Myself
Is it because I is black?, Theo
Life is about no regrets, Jay
I believe that the pure lie comes from darkness, Jay
I need my morning sex! Poly
Iranians are like onions. Don't judge from the first impression. Ali from the border
Each Iranian has a bit of Ahmadinejad inside, Ali from the border
You never know what goes through the mind of a russian. Border patrol guy, Georgia when talking about snipers shooting people in abkhazia.
Cha-cha ara!
Before you start to to travel you are afraid because of everything you hear on TV. When you finally are on your way you slowly lose that fear and that is when travelling becomes dangerous.
No problem - this is Iran!
Life box!, Emran, describing a TV
It's so difficult to leave home but it's so amazing to be on the way!, Theo
Don't worry about Ilona... she'll kill everybody! Nata, after Ilona has gone and I started being paranoid.
Me? I'm a democrat!, Zurab, first georgian we ever met
Tam guljat nelzja, tam tygr jest!, fat brainwashed lady at the border TKM/IR