Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goodbyes and signs

Waking up in Tehran, one more time. I am still a little slow from the weed but everything is allright.

Farewell Natalia, meeting you has and will change my life. Maybe we will see each other in Kyrgyzstan. It hurts her less to believe that and it hurts me more to hope in unlikely events. Maybe it is the reason I got stoned last night, my goodbyes are more definitive than hers.

"I don't think we'll see her there", says Ilona.

Everyone including Nata believe that my sorrow is because I am in love with her. Who can blame them, everyone falls in love in Nata, they're like dominos. But the truth is you don't have to fall in love with Nata to find her amazing. You just have to learn to see her.

She will leave a void for a while, Jon will ask about her, Hamed will wonder if she's alright, some others will shake their head in remembrance of her princess manners and some, not many, will just not care.

But I, for one, will never miss her because of her brief but lasting impact on my life, she has never left. I had so much to learn and am now one step further.

Gazelle joins us in a while. She also, has a story. So much happened at the rainbow and I realise that everything is connected. Gazelle and M., M. and Nata, Nata and Poly, Poly and S., S. and T., the first person I wrote about in my blog more than half a year ago before I even knew any of these people.

We are locked outside our apartment, trying to open that stupid door. The lock is jammed as are our lives. Remember that person who was waiting for Ilona all that time? Well, it is not the case anymore. The lock is jammed and we cannot go in.
Gazelle prays just for a joke, then the key falls exactly into the lock, the door opens and suddenly everything makes sense.
"This story, everything what happened is a sign", says Gazelle. Everything is a sign for her. I can't believe such bullshit. Or can I?
The coincidences are just too much. I don't exactly remember what changed my mind but it was some connection about the little prince. So why not a sign.
From that point me and Ilona decided to rush forward. Something odd is going on in Armenia on her side.
"And you know what", she says, "fuck the visas, fuck the system, let's cross illegaly to china".
Wish us luck.
Apartment new decorations