Monday, December 3, 2012

Am I free?

I've given up my badge and my office key. Am I free now?

Not quite. I still have to move to a new apartment  that's a lot of packing, way more than for this trip. Technically I'm helping to move my ex-girlfriend to her new apartment so it's actually her apartment  I won't really need an apartment where I'm going, do I?

I still have to find a hitchhiking partner, without that, there is no trip and I'll just be another dreamer with a website.

I'd very much like to go with that German girl who wanted to hitchhike with a dog I talked to on couch-surfing but I try not to get my hopes too high until we actually decide to do it.

And I have to finish this website, take care of a bunch of administrative stuff, the list goes on.

And now, I'll go cook potatoes.