Monday, December 24, 2012

Cutting ties

A few months ago I broke up with my girlfriend. It was a long and planned breakup, to sever ties efficiently while minimizing the amount of hate and suffering that most of people would endure.
A breakup, is a necessary step before starting such a trip because you just cannot keep a relationship while fighting bears in volcanoes with a 12-hour time difference. Be serious.
But as I plan this trip, I realize that there are way more ties I'll have to cut.
Here is a list:
Teach my parents how to set up a web server so they don't bother me with it. 48%
Quit my job 100%
Say farewell to Alex... and sail on her boat 0%
Meet my old biker friend from and say bye at the same time 0%
Say goodbye to my banker and my bank 0%
See my cousin who is so dissapointed that she can't go too 0%
Spacially leave my former gf who is now my best friend (this won't be easy) 0%
Say bye to my parents without triggering emotional explosions from my mother. -40%
It's a little weird to think about cutting ties when you know you'll be coming back (at least probably). It actually doesn't feel like cutting ties for me but I think it feels that way for the others. I don't want to leave my loved ones but I don't feel that I do. I'm just travelling, I don't have time to think. It must be hard when you think too much.
On the other hand I'm getting more and more fed up with civilisation. I just moved out from my old appartment and now have to handle loads of ugly french burocracy and various negociations with the new appartment's owner about why he can't repair the heater this winter.
Yeah, I live in a new appartment, not mine, it's temporary.
But really, if it was only about me, I couldn't care less about water heaters, job opportunities and resum├ęs, web servers, bus cards and what not. I can't see how this can affect me in any way in the nothingness of Kazakhstan.