Friday, December 7, 2012

Should I destory the ONE ring?

The lord of the rings is in theaters. I was watching it the other night with A. since it's her favorite movie and all.

I've seen it many times but now I feel some kind of travel spirit associated with it. It's a travel story... isn't it obvious? It's actually weird I never looked at it from that angle.

Frodo and Sam travelled from the shire towards the dark and scary mordor to throw the One Ring into the mountain of doom.

Here's an idea: I could buy the ONE ring somewhere on the internet (shouldn't be too hard to get) and travel with it until I reach the mountaint of doom and throw it in there.

And when I think about it there are well-suited candidates for the mountain of doom on the way.

First there is the gates of hell in Turkmenistan. It a natural gas source that's been burning for decades. The locals also call it Darzava which sounds very mordorish. And it looks like this.

And of course there is Kamchatka, there is no better land for volcanos. I don't know if it's feasable to climb a volcano, I'd rather find someone who's already climbed some of them to come with but it would sure be super cool. Not literaly of course, it's a volcano dude.

But since it's not at all certain that I'll get to Kamchatka, I'd better just throw the ring in Turkmenistan. I don't know.

If somebody reads this, you can let me know if you think this idea is a shameless ripoff of the great lord of the rings saga. It kind of is but at the same time it's awesome to do such a journey bearing such a powerful symbolic. And while I do like the lord of the rings, I am not that much of a fan. I've read the books and seen the movies but that's it. I don't speak elvish (besides norolim asfaloth) so I am not sure how much I a entitled to reproduce such a quest.

I also feel that if I want to honour the quest, I shouldn't throw the ring into Turkmenistan, it's too close, too easy. I should throw it at least into some Chinese volcano if such things exist. I should look for more candidates for the mountain of doom on my path.

I also don't know how my potential travel partner will react to such an idea, I just hope she won't think I am too crazy just because I want to buy a ring on the internet, travel with it to Kamchatka and throw it into a volcano.

She just might be reading this... damn! I'll have to program some blog filter wich filters out some countries. And some regions of France too. My mom could be reading this. I really hope not.