Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's this trip about?

I have to get to preparations again. I'm getting really sick of my situation, of doing all this computer stuff. All this casual work.

I'm thinking about my life now. Or anybody elses but mine is as good an example as any. No matter what you decide, you always miss things. I was quite a naive, perhaps even completly clueless person until I was 13, until that semester in Vancouver woke me up to reality. Since then I tried to miss as few opportunities as possible. But still, I did miss a lot.

I certainly didn't miss the giant parties at Max's place or at my place for that matter but maybe I should've gone to Mary's too. I'm kind of glad I didn't continue hiking with Greg, he was a crazy bastard, I probably only missed my own death there.

I didn't have the opportunity to connect with Lucy and her friend Thé since we lost contact after a while, I feel there was some interesting stuff there too. Or maybe not that much, not for me at least. When I think about it, maybe I didn't miss that much, maybe I had quite a full life. Or maybe we all missed at life?

I certainly missed my two years of college since I didn't go to university but to the more recognized "preparatory school" where you basically do nothing besides working like crazy for some kind of final competition. But if I didn't go there, maybe I wouldn't have a choice of going on this trip now.

I don't really regret having done practiclally nothing special for my semester in Singapore. The people I knew there signed themselves up for nearly organized trips and a bunch of really lame parties, the memories of which were proudly recorded on facebook. Or maybe I regret not to have met the right people there.

I am not complaining, life is what you do of it and I had my decent share of craziness and I do believe a lot of people settle for less, not that it is a competition or something of the sort. But I want to use this trip to patch my past regrets and quite a lot of future ones too. I would publish a list of experiences I want to do in the following year or so but I'm afraid my potential hitchhiking partners are reading this and I wouldn't want to scare them off too fast. And my parents could be reading that too since they have the site and I didn't have time to design a parent-control filter yet.