Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter test

My morals are down. My latest blog posts converge into philosophical nonsense. I need some fresh air.

Thank god, I left France and it's stressful computer projects. My plane landed in Prague where I was to meet my cousin Zevla. The reason for me being in Czech Republic is to ask for a Czech passport to which I am entitled to because of my double nationality. I also intended to meet I., a girl who I was writing to for some time now about going together to Kamchatka.

Zevla was kind of tired of constantly studying so we decided to pack our stuff and go visit an abandonned military airport around Prague. It was a two day journey and an occasion to test my new sleeping bag in temparatures down to -17°C during the night. And I proudly conclude that I doidn't freeze. I can't say it was confortable but enough to sleep. I guess I could do -20 but easier said than done. The morning was quite terrible. My wet shoes froze and became stone solid. It was like wearning ski boots.

Freezing in a cave, an only too common situation in the future
Our drinks froze, our propane-butane gaz cooker didn't have enough pressure to work properly, we managed to light a fire and maintain it long enough to cook some sausages. After that, it died quickly. I would say it's survivable for one night but a week in -20 would be very difficult. I just hope it won't happen, I cannot say much more.

Some images of abandonned the military complex:

Abandonned thing to put planes in