Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sucked into civilisation

I have not been writing for a while and that is beacause I've been incredibly busy.
Incredibly might be such a strong word, but very busy let's say. The reason for this that my parents kind of got in trouble. I don't mean trouble like gangster-related trouble, more like I-can't-meet-my-professional-deadline trouble.
My mother is a website designer. She started to learn how to do stuff with computers 5 years ago when she was approaching 50 and now she sells websites to some research centers or something.
The thing whith computer programming when you're 50 is that you are pretty much out of the picture, the web is evolving too quickly, you don't have the right reflexes long story short: people over 35 years old rarely do webdesign.
So came what should have come eventually, my mother got a pretty good web-developping opportunity to be done in a very short amount of time and it was just too fast for her.
So I offered to help because she basically didn't have a choice. I don't believe that parents should get professionaly involved with their children but I am not enough of a jerk to let my own mother down so I programmed the damn thing. I am actually not a website programmer, my job is to work with robots but I manage a thing or two website-wise.
So that was the why. But this raises a more important point.
The more I stay in civilisation, the more I only talk about leaving, the more civilisation is holding to me.
I always thought, as in revolutionary road, the hardest part would be to face all the people who will tell me not to go. But nothing of that sort came. Everybody I know has been supportive so far. People have been enthousiastically sharing my website and offering suggestions. Even the people who don't like me didn't say too despisable stuff about my project.
So the hardest obstacle are not people discouraging me. It's all the tasks they need me to do before I go. And at some point, I'll just have to say no. Because I am not ending up like the couple in that movie! It would be a shame and even more so now that I've gone public and people are watching.