Friday, July 12, 2013

Making plans

Yerevan is a capital city. Yerevan is a dump. Yerevan is so poluted it should be in China. Yerevan is the city where reality randomly links events together and patches the blanks with wonder. I don't like Yerevan but I like everything it triggers.

I go find the rainbow family in that bar. It's late and I cannot go to back to Armen. The rainbow atmosphere has taken over. Poly is there and Nata too. I talk to Poly, I cannot talk to Nata. Nata is too impressive. She really is. She's as radiant as firework in the night and she kind of has the same characteristics.

Nata doesn't tell me much. She would want to go to Iran but she can't leave Poly. She doesn't talk about it obviously, except maybe with Poly, her best friend, little sister, the constant of her life she needs to protect. One could dare say, one of the rare constants in her life? Nata doesn't deal in feelings and unachieved plans. Nata makes decisions and acts on them.

I cannot return home, it is too late, Armen and his family are sleeping. Ilona is somewhere in Dilijan, she has plans with Sevan I think. Nothing to fear, we keep in touch until we get our visas, in one week. Luckily enough Ljuba and Michael, two russians from St. Petersburg take me to their friends place. The place is a mess, it feels like home. And then I have a plan. The twisted kind, one that is too complicated to work, one that is too complicated for people to even listen to it until the end. And here it is.

Poly wants to go to greece,me and her can go together. We can speed-hitchhike there as a group of three and return just me and Nata. After that, Nata can join me and Ilona and we can go to Iran together, the three of us.
But if we want to do this we better start now because time is flying.

Poly has another idea. Nata can't go to greece but we can go to Karabakh the three of us. Then she goes to greece with Sevan or whatever, we'll figure it out. There is a computer a Ljuba's friends place so luckily I can skype with Poly from a random account. Hell it's weird how everything works out. These people don't get stuck with details, we try things, they'll just work. 

That day I pack my stuff at Armens place and I hurry to Poly. She lives in an appartment in Yerevan, it's a maze. I am three hours late. Poly doesn't kill me, she just threatens to circumcize me. She's half israelian you see.

Nata is there too, she is seems happy. I'm still too fascinated by that person to read and react to her emotions properly. Now that we will travel together she cannot be my muse anymore, you don't travel well with abstract concepts. You only travel with real people. People you can rely on.

I think I can rely on Nata and Poly. Why not?