Sunday, July 21, 2013


Written in Tabriz bypassing the filters from an internet café
I have trouble finding my place with Nata and Poly. I could not have imagined her being all over me but suddenly she was. I need to have some attraction with Nata. I don't need it with Ilona, we get along like relatives. We share a river. I need it with Nata, we go up and down, we fight and reconciliate. We share a mountain stream.
Or maybe this marriage for passports just got to me too much. Of course I don't want to spend my life with her or with anyone for that matter but I don't want to settle just for the documents. Maybe we could try something. Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I am far from being in love but Natalia creates an equally huge mindfuck.
While my mind is being torn upside down by what I described above and also by Nata's mood swings, we enter the Armenian controlled Azerbaidjani region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
I don't have my passport, it's at the embassy of Iran in Yerevan. I am crossing the border not only without registration but also without documents so I'm a little stressed.
Fortunately we hitchhike with the vice minister of defence of Armenia. They don't check their documents because of government plates so we are not checked either. The border is really simple, just a little barrier.
So we go to the capital, Stepanakert. Nata and Poly want to sleep in a Park, I say no way. There is a lot of wild nature outside, just a few kilometers from the capital. It's so easy to go further from the city, I don't get why we don't do it. But Nata says the terrain is too difficult. No flat places, she says. How can there be no flat places in hundereds of kilometers square of land? But she says she's been to Crimea, that she knows this terrain, that there is no point in searching for flat spots.
Plus she's afraid a similar situation as with the assholes will happen again. If we try to hide, we'll be discovered by assholes. But Nata doesn't want to admit the difference between hiding in the first place and hiding from people already searching for you.
I can't believe my ears, I am definitly against the park plan, where else would drunk Armenians gather?
Anyway they outvote me and we decide to sleep in that park. We buy a bottle of wine and drink it away from the police because you're not allowed to drink in public.
I'm fed up with Nata because they've outvoted me one more time but what can you do. And Poly is too sweet and Nata is too fucking beautiful to be annoyed for a long time. So I let it go.
It turns out we sleep in a stadium. It's my first time sleeping in the stadium. Despotic Nata gets bonus points for that. She gets definite minuses for us waking up at 5:30AM.
We continue to visit Karabakh god knows where. We sleep at a factory called Based Metals. Nata and Poly sleep in one room, I sleep in the other. I am lucky not to sleep in the common dormitory with about 30 male students who all want to screw Poly and Nata.
This night I think that my little game with Nata is over. Our little affection trip just ended. I feel kind of sad. My psychology got a little more fragile for one second and I think it had some consequence on my immunity. Nata didn't stop coughing until now because of our midnight bath in Sevan lake.
Tonight, Nata got better and I got sick.
We eat at the local canteen, take some food. Then we decide to go back through the northern road.
That's not a road, that's not even a mountain path. There is a car every half an hour. More donkeys than cars, really.
"Are you Azerbaidjani spies?", "Do you have registration"
The questions keep falling. Mostly frustrated guys jaleous that I'm travelling with two girls or just small policemen looking to score points of authority.
Main road out of Karabakh

We crossed the border again on this awful road. We are covered with dust. We eat dust. We drink dust. We see dust. And then, back at Sevan.
Nata tries to get a hold of Jay, an iranian guy from the rainbow. Interesting person. I didn't like him at first. Now I kind of do. Anyway he bailed on us. Nata got really sad. She has a strong connection to the guy. Or maybe she likes to miss people. Anyway it was a big blow for her that he bailed on us. It is with two slightly depressed girls that I went to sleep tonight. But what can I do, sometimes a man is just useless and I like walking under the stars.