Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sevan lake again

First day with Nata and Poly. I expected to connect better with Poly because she is more easy-going and last time I spoke to Nata, she seemed a little annoyed with me god knows why so I intended to keep my distances. As I said, our relationship reached its peak just before I left for Aragats. And I like Poly a lot, we can talk, she doesn't judge, she doesn't hate anyone and consequently, she doesn't hate me. Why would she, of course but I mean in general, she's not the hating kind of person. She's confortable to talk to.
Turns out I also got to know Nata and turns out she's very interesting. I would say that her one main quality is bravery. Nata is brave like few people are and you will read about it in the pages to come.
Mountains at sevan lake, Nata in a flower field
For now, no bravery is needed, we just go to Sevan lake. Nata is in a hugging mood and I am at the recieving end. I have no idea wheather this is normal among rainbow people or if I trigger some attraction on her part. In normal condition, there would be no doubt but you see, rainbow people hug, kiss, cuddle a lot on a regular basis.
So who knows and more importantly who cares?Besides my fear of relationships I am not Gandhi, I am not going to push out the most beautiful girl I have seen in a last few months. That would be absolutly retarded.At the lake we break camp and Nata and Poly. They start making tea. They have tons of tea and a million different herbs. This is cool. Poly cooks my pasta with soy sauce, it rocks!
At night, we went swimming naked in Sevan mountain lake. It was cold as hell. Nata got sick. Poly didn't want to come because she has a brain.
Last time at Sevan lake, I wanted to climb one of the surrounding mountains to get a magnificent view of the water surface. Ilona, though full of good will, didn't even begin to understand why I wanted to climb that random mountain, what sense it carried.
Imagine my surprise when Nata was actually thinking the same thing: let's climb. I love like this coincidence plays exactly into my wishes; it's like magic.
We climbed to 2400 meters and the view was stunning. The flower fields were stunning, sevan ake was stunning, the mountains were stunning and in all that, Nata was just amazingly beautiful. I thank my vaccinations against romatic relationships which keeps my heart steady and my head rational while travelling with Nata and Poly.
The way down was difficult: we got lost. I get lost all the time, no surprise there beacause of my horrible orientation skills. So far I haven't seen as awful orientation sense as mine. Until now. Nata has a condition called topographic cretinism which basically means you can get lost in your own appartment. It's touching to finally meet my match and even funnier is the fact that she is a traveller too.
View at Sevan lake