Friday, June 28, 2013


We return to Tbilissi with a guy who sells watermelons and gives us one. Then, direction Armenia.
We cross at night. The policemen have ridiculous hats. Armenia is poorer than georgia, we don't know what to expect. At 1AM we hitch a ride with an armenian family with a million kids. They give some on the way, to the sister, to the Babushka. We end up with only one. They host us and want to pay for abus to Yerevan.

Fortunately, we talk them out of it. They are poor, the house has only two rooms and the bathroom is just a sink, no shower. You pour water into a cup and wash yourself with it.
No hot water either. It's not the first time that happens and I think it's the new bathroom standart in here.

We leave our watermelon there.

The next day we look for internet. Plenty of open Wifi but no internet connection unfortunately. We exchange some money and get a coffee and raspberries.

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