Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wandering with a weirdo

Written on beach of a huge lake in armenia, I think we are on a privite property of a luxury hotel.

We met that guy in a bus who took us for free to a city called Vardzia witch turned out to be another Vardzia, not the one we were looking for. We were sitting on bags of flour or whatever compressed like parisians in the city underground.
He didn't speak a word of english, that was expected but also not a word of russian. He told us to follow him into the mountains to se something we had no clue what he said because he was speaking georgian.

On the top of the hill Ilona told me that he has been eying her for the better part of that trip and since we had no idea where we were headed she was starting to loose patience. I didn't notice anything but girls know that stuff better. Anyway we went down the hill with him and suddenly the most romantic mountain plains appeared before us with a river and whatnot, the only not romantic thing in a 50km radius was that guy who had stopped eying Ilona but didn't leave us alone for a minute still rambling some gibberish in georgian, god knows what.
That guy for instance was not a democrat at all.

However he had a nice cabin in the woods with a well, a garden and everything one could dream of, once one has wandered in the forest of course.

Cabin in the woods

Before that cabin we ran into a guy who spoke Russian and had a huge garden with beens. That guy was pretty easy going and had a good chance of being a democrat. We tried to lose our weirdo guy to stay with him but without success. He said something to the democrat in georgian and he went away.
It was obvious he wanted us for himself. In a strict sense, we were being kidnapped. I didn't mind that much because the nature was stunningly beautiful but Ilona who very much values her personal freedom was quite spoiled by the kidnapping part.

The cabin has everything, even a well with nice clear water

A stream was running from the mountains through the prairies where cattle was wandering around. Two guys with horses rode in and gave us each a horse to ride on for a while.

Two guys gave each of us a horse

At night there were three bed in the cabin.
"No fucking way", said Ilona, "not in the worst nightmare"
The weirdo brought 2L of an insanely strong and disgusting cha-cha, some kind of local version of a spirit, home made and not very well probably.

We drunk three full glasses of it with his old uncle also who was a democrat but didn't have much of a say. The weirdo was shouting drunkingly in georgian drinking to peace, to friendship, to georgia, to cows, to water, to trees. When we realize he was never going to be out of imagination and was probably going to drink the full 2.5L of his disgusting stuff with us, we both realized it was time to run away.

We told him that since we were very much in love, we would like to build our super-romantic-paladka (tent) near the river. The weirdo argued that the cabin was merely 50 meters from the river but we stuck to our story. He waited until we finished building the tent and finally went away. We heard him shouting drunkingly into the dark.

Of course we disn't stay at the spot, as soon as he went away we changed the tent's location, we hid it about 200m away.

The morning after the weirdo guy went looking for us pretexting we have lost our drinking horn. He woke us at 5 in the morning rambling something in georgian. I told him to let us be and surprisingly that worked.

We slept until 9 AM and the weirdo was waiting not too far from our camping site. Besides, a horse and its baby were wandering around in the grass. That was beautiful and cute, I wish I'd added them to my album of cute little things.

We went swimming in the river, the georgian democrat next door brought us honey from his bees. Wonderful!

Plains in the mountains and a river, everything one could dream of

After a while we decided to go back besides the rambling of the weirdo guy. The balance of power slowly shifted to our side and he looked like a poor little thing abandonned by his mother.

He stuck with us until the crossroads giving us his disgusting cha-cha and a bottle of pears. We through out the cha-cha as soon as he dissapeared from sight.