Monday, June 24, 2013

Borjomi, party

Borjomi is touristic place nothing to do there unless you like taxi or people who say: "hotel?"

Our daily budget has fallen under 1euro/person and we are still alive and well without paid accomodation or transport.
We are checking the state of our iranian visa periodically so we went searching for some wifi. We found one in a luxury restaurant where a bunch of people were celebrating their 10 years of graduation. Plenty of delicious food everywhere and we were invited of course.
"we are drinking to love", says giga, the guy who was holding the toast. I was supposed to make a statement about love in front of an audience I knew nothing about in the middle of georgia. And love a subject I tend to disagree on with a lot of people, especially the marriage oriented georgians.

Statement done we drunk to love, then to peace, to air, to trees. Two of the guys fell hoplessly in love with Ilona and she had to explain to them that no way in hell. Quite pitiful actually.

Then we went away because the waitress kicked us out because I went running around looking for Ilona thinking something has gone wrong when she was just explaining now-way-in-hell to the two guys.

For some reason also Ilona thought the girls hated her but the reasoning behind that was so fucked up that I won't even try to go into details here.

Drink to the wind!

So we went away but before that I ate a piece of their wonderful cake. The food was priceless. Third night in a row I wasn't sober but it was worth it.