Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hurry towards turkey part 2

Written on a feeble free wifi on a gas station in Boulu, Turkey..

Fucking serbian cops. They really need to make a show of their authority. To be completely honest, it was kind of my fault, I didn't come up with the right attitude. We were hitchhiking on this pay toll and there was this cop who started blowing his whistle because we were on a highway. He told us we should've come to Nis by plane because we're tourists. Because tourists use planes. You don't say to black people they should sing rap music, how is it any different? And how are we supposed to take a plane in the middle of the highway, perhaps he'd like to land one for us. But anyway he just wanted to play with us a little so that was it. Serbian cops don't like what they can see so he advised us to go somewhere else on the highway where he didn't see us so he didn't have an excuse.

Afterwards a very cool serb guy whom I forgot the name (sorry) took us stopped for us on a highway just after two albanians going to kosovo dropped us there because Kosovo wasn't on the way. Anyway we went to his place, Ilona found a church to pray in since she's christian but it wasn't the right kind of church so I kind of failed I guess. The serb guy was great to us, he dowloaded us serbian movies with subtitles so we can watch them somewhere in our tent, in the middle of nowhere. His sister Irina was funny, she seemed to liked cycling and doing dumb stuff kind of like us and they both spoke great english wich makes things waaay easier than me communicating in pseudo-serbian.

The way to the Turkish-Bulgarian border
After that we quickly hitched a ride to the bulgrian border (back in the union again, what a joke) and that day we camped less than 100km from the turkish border.

Bulgaria towards the turkish border: Trucks, sheep and taxis We reached Turkey in a truck (our first truck) who was going to Kayseri which was a chance to skip instanbul which I would like very much although I'd also like to see the what these protests in Taksim are about.

On the road we passed columns of carried tanks, god know what they were doing there.

Truck transporting a tank, maybe towards Taksim square

Anyway we ended up on the highway in Istanbul with something like 20 km to go before we could get to a hitchhiking spot. So we hitchhiked inside the highway filled with slowly driving cars, it was kind of messy.

To that mess you have to add two turkish guys selling water and fruit on the middle on the highway who thought we were their competition and started shouting at us quite harshly. When they understood we were hitchhiking they stopped selling their stuff and instead they started threatening cars into taking us in. A poor guy gave out and there we were going the the istanbul pay toll from where we hitched a ride towards Gebze. The guy bought us dinner, he was really nice and tried to protect us from any harm, like most turks do. Then, another guy bought us tea and we were on the way again with a truck driver who bought us dinner again, tea again, twice until we reached a parking lot at 2 in the morning and at least slept a little. Today, we ride towards Samsun.

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