Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sevan, crayfish, vodka

We arrived at Sevan lake inside a truck. Sevan lake is beautiful and really huge. You cannot see the other side. It's more a see than a lake actually.

We had to avoid countless taxis and people with touristic intentions.

We had dinner with American Armenians who travelled back to Armenia to have a business dinner. Dinner was great but I didn't understand what their deal was. The woman beside me was still serving me food and talking about uninteresting things. After a while they took a picture with us and kicked us out. I really don't get them. Ilona told me that the old fat woman was hitting on me. I still don't get Armenian logic.

Ilona said she didn't care about abusing these people's hospitality because they were assholes but I think that you should accept hospitality from people you like and respect and not the onces you despise.

Because hospitality is something you should share between friends.

I wanted to climb the mountains next to Sevan Lake because they were just next to the lake, they seemed high so you could probably see the hole lake or at least the other side.

But Ilona thought the idea was kind of stupid because they were just mountains next to a lake and she didn't really understand why the hell someone would like to climb them.

So we decided that she'll stay under the mountain and I'll climb them tomorrow.


The thing is we me a fisherman who invited us to eat tons of delicious crayfish. They're a protected species in Europe but maybe not in Armenia so it's a delicatesse you will rarely find.


Unfortunately the dinner didn't stay too long in my stomach because we met in his fellow fishermen with whom we drank so much vodka I spent the next day puking.

They were allright fellows but I swear to god these guys function on vodka. Vodka in the evening, vodka in the morning, vodka for lunch, vodka for driving, it's endless.


They were kind enough to buy me mineral water. I just can't stand any more vodka.

We camped near the mountains not far from the lake. An armenian soldier gave Ilona a belt and a military hat.


The next morning we ate breakfest in an armenian family where a clever 19 year old girl wrote me the armenian alphabet. All the people except one were democrats and I had only two glasses of vodka. Good for me, I would have puked the additional one.