Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sopo and Kutaisi

We leave Zugdidi, too much police, too much saving us from harmless georgians. That day we arrive in Kutaisi where we sleep near a church. Pretty cool place. We notice that it's been around three weeks we are together and still not getting on each others nerves. Probably because we're both tolerant characters and also because of the weather which has been kind to us so far. Not too much rain (except of the beginning) and still no horrifying heat as we expected with summer coming.
We leave for Sairme as Eldar and Maka have advised us and sleep in a church that is being costructed. The concrete is still fresh. There is a waterfall right next to us.Pretty romantic if we were sexually compatible I guess. But we're not. Still very romantic.
We are woken by construction workers a bit too early. We rush to Sairme again and then Kutaisi. We are low on food and everything again and it's raining.
In Kutaisi we stay with Sopo and her husband.
Sopo is an amazing and without any doubt hyperactive woman. She's a badass lawyer, it's weird to realize that she actually earns half of the french minimal salary. I like her a lot and I think she likes us. When she realizes that we are not a couple nor plan to be she tells she'll find me a pretty georgian girl.
Not sure how serious that proposition is but enough to go to her sister's dentistry clinic and point out one unearthly beautiful female being doing an internship there:
"that one is single", she says.
The georgian girls are all so amazingly beautiful that I would almost reconsider my ideas about relationships.
Because there is one problem with georgian women: they are as stunning and faithful as they want to marry. And they want to marry a lot. For life. Forever. Kill me now!
If someone could somehow change the love mind of georgian girls and outprogram marriage out of it then georgia would be a dream country.
On the other hand, georgian marriages are amazing, I would do five of them, just for fun.
That's one big difference we have with Ilona. Each time she sees herself in that glorious day and I'm just thinking: "nicely done F., you avoided that one!".
Chances are there was some wedding cake left. So I celebrated my 26 th birthday on the road. Unbelievable.
Birthday celebration in Kutaisi, Georgia
I must make a note about georgian families. So far they were all composed of a husband, wife, some children and a random guy who comes from god knows where who knows very good russian and is wise and socially active. In Ozurgeti that role was that of Eldar, in this family, it was a georgian living in russia bordering abkhazia.
That guy is usually a first class democrat altough Sopo and her husbands were pretty badass democrats too.
The next day we visited Sataplia and Sopo and her husband paid for our tickets. 6 lari each, a fortune for us. Our budget is closing in on 1E/pers/day.
After that their son who spoke very good english told us to go to Vardzia so we went.